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Today in Western Medicine, each morbid symptom is treated with the same drug for all people. Thus man loses its uniqueness, and ceases "concerned" when the nature, warns him for the minimum imbalance in health! The feeling of discomfort is mitigated, and the power of prevention is lost. Slowly after all, man concludes as only saving option, the modern biotechnology and chemistry products. He is adapted to them, and loses its ability to self-treatment, ignoring the only way Nature knows from the endless birth.

Because everyone is unique,

The individualized treatment, concerns the entirety organism.

(Holistic Philosophy)


Emmanuel Paterakis

Emmanuel Paterakis was born in Heraklion, Crete 1971.He studied Medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca in Romania (UMF Cluj-napoca, Iuliu Hatieganu). He began working as a doctor in 2002 at Venizelio Hospital of Heraklion and the Centre for Health Arkalohori as a rural physician, and completed his specialization in General Practice in 2009 at Venizelio General Hospital of Heraklion, with particular emphasis on Oncology, Psychiatry and Diabetes. He has worked as a doctor in social programs such as "Help at Home", for Municipality of Heraklion “N. Kazantzakis”, and bishops in sports for Municipality of Heraklion at Arkalohori ,for EPSI (Union of Heraklion Football Associations) as Doctor in Pancretan stage and Heraklion Municipal gym and the sports activities of the Office of Physical Education Secondary Education Heraklion. As a volunteer in childcare centers Girls Heraklion and Special Olympics (2011). Has partnered with Medical Center for medical coverage of tourist areas Amoudara Agia Pelagia and Fodele. He has taught in sections nurses and assistant nurses and has participated in numerous conferences, seminars and assignments. Since 2011 he hasa private clinic in Heraklion, Crete and dedicated to the prevention, of chronic and acute diseases, especially on obesity, metabolic diseases and the regulation of body weight ,while since 2012 is a research associate of the Institute of Orthomolecular Nutrition, from which he has trained in orthomolecular nutritional medicine. He is also responsible Physician in Care Home HRA. From 2013 trained and involved in the detoxification of the respiratory and body in general, and Ayurveda Therapies(traditional Indian medicine).

Address: Smirnis 33  

71201, Herakleion - Crete

Τelephone: +30-2810241044