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What is intoxication

Toxins: Substances produced by human cells or other organisms, to support the healthy functioning, but in excess. The toxins are usually proteins that may develop abnormal function when connected to or absorbed by human tissue, making complexes with macromolecules, such as enzymes, or by blocking cell receptors. Toxins vary greatly in their potency. The absorption by the body tissues may create morbid symptoms, but also can block the production of antibodies or antioxidants.

In the broadest sense, we could say that toxin is any substance (solid or liquid or gas), radiation, or energy state, which when inserted into a living organism, it can affect the proper function ina negative mode, creating that way unbalance and impairment. The human "engine" just seems to use three basic structures for the Wellness functioning : Oxygen - Water - Nutrition.

How really life-giving and refreshing is the air we breathe? How neat and pure is the water we drink? Is there hyperelaboration and chemical additives, in foods we eat?

Every time we breathe, drink or eat and digest, some toxin, the Immune system of our body forfeited, as required, in order to prevent toxificationof the cardiovascular system and poisoning of tissues.


We live in toxins.

Toxins are derived from:

- An environment destroyed byhuman,

- From air that is regenerated artificially,

- The water which is said disinfected, and is enriched with chemicals,

- From fast food restaurants, that serve food full of preservatives,

- From internal toxins created by our body itself because of this western standard of living.

- The internal toxins, is a natural product of both the metabolism and the way of logical thinking .

- Still toxins can enter our body through the skin (clothes, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.)

- Finally "emotional" toxins while managing stress,can be produced. Every time we experience a difficult psychophysiological situation( such as anger, sadness, anxiety, insecurity, fear, etc) our body produces a variety of hormones - toxins.

What is the intoxication anyway?How Intoxication works:

The damage caused to the DNA and the brain, during the body function, cause the cells to divide at a rate faster than normal. That causes early- aging, cancers, neuropsychological disorders etc.

The body appears to accumulate these toxic products mainly in adipose tissue, andeliminates them, through the organs of excretion (liver, colon, kidneys, skin, lungs, nose, mouth, etc.) with specific metabolic mechanisms available.

Today, however, air pollution, poor diet, and stress, act aggravating in detoxification process, and lead to a blocked metabolism.

Thus, toxins are not removed by the normal process and remain either as “false”infos, in the sensory organs, the skin, the hair, the digestive and lymph, increasing the chances of 'low' health and disease states, such as constipation, headache, hair loss, cellulite, or burdening diseases such as allergy, asthma or rheumatopathies.80-90% of most chronic illnesses are caused by toxins.