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Detoxificationis a miraculous function of human immunity system, that protects Nurishment ( Oxygen/ Water / Aliment /Thoughts ), at all stages, such as, assimilation, disintegration andexcretion, of substances, either useful as O2/H2O/Aliments/Nice Thinking, or Harmful ones, as Toxins.
Our Body has provided PsychoMental Catharsis and Body Detox, everyday in between 8:00 pm - 04:00 amor10:00pm - 6:00 am, hours ( At the very same time that SLEEP comes to activate detoxification ). In the Circadian clock, this interval is known as Excretory Phase (so it is the time, that our body literally is cyclingits “rubbish dump” !! ). 
Catabolism of toxins, is undertaken by Liver, while routes of excretion are through Kidneys (by urine), Large Intestine (by feaces) and Skin (by perspiration). A small reference to each organ, describes the miraculous mechanism, with which body contributes to Detoxification :

Kidneys : clean blood, and manage water quality and balance in our body. Water, that is an extremely important element for Life.

Liver :Intakes nutrients and toxins and converts them into a cathartic liquid, called Bile.

Lymph Nodes and Spleen :Lymphatic system organs, that help body to collect and excrete lots of toxins, through Lymph.

MouthLarge Intestine : Smash, disintegrate and absorb, important nutrients from the food, while intestine has the capability to dissociate waste products.

Skin: Helps in elimination of endogenous toxins( caused by metabolic actions or stress ) through sweat and sebaceous glands.

Nose - LungsPromote oxygenation of bloodand help the body control the acidosis effect, by eliminating acidic toxins, through respiration (exhalation phase).

HeartMoves blood, helping that way Alimentation and Metabolism,while in the meantime “cleans up” Lungs, from acidic products.