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Detox Wellness

Deterioration of diseased cells and tumors

Cancer cells love an environment of acidic Ph, and feed mainly with sugar treats! Everyday intake of alkaline foods ( 70/30 ) helps the body to control blood sugar levels, while fresh fruits and legumes (both juice and flesh) lower oxidative stress results, normalizing overall ,health and wellbeing. Under these conditions, Enzyme production is promoted, and thus Hormonal Equilibrium is achieved. So Pain, Stress and Disease are minimized.  
Immune system strengthens, naturally during detoxification. When Immunity levels up, body can detect false reacting cells, and can recognize them as “ foreign bodies “, so organism takes over destruction of sickness and powers healthy mode actions

Fecal Excretion - Anti-aging

Excretion of excreta is a vital function in day cycle of human species. Constipation or any variety in rhythm of excretion, create an environment with acidic Ph in blood, causing after all, in a majority, either sickness and disability, or early aging and stress. Having as a way of living, DETOX methods, and giving the body the right nutrients for the cells, we can always achieve higher levels of health and wellness.
Μorever, Neurohormonal system is in balance, the natural way, so prevention of stress is achieved. The secretion of growth hormone (GH), the toxines elimination and the amelioration of sex hormones can in general, improve vitality and anti-aging process.
This balance in neuroendocrinic system (GH, Insulin, Glucagon, Adrenalin, Cortisole) while we are on DETOX, gives the body more and more beneficials, such as:

Fat disintegration:

This can actually happen, when hormones and enzymes that deteriorate fat, can be produced and work in faster motiva – rhythms (e.g. growth hormone and glucagon are increased, while insuline and cortisole lower down).


Following the natural way DETOX, NeuroTransmitters, that play a guardian role of the system, control and check, at the very same time, energy flow in our Body. Thus by detoxification or by means of clean blood circulation and production of high quality aminoacids, we help N/T, to promote Vitality, Stamina, andWellbeing!

Stress andFatigue Resistance:

High vitality status, and low metabolic stress, are two factors that can controlcortisol production and reserves. Thus body is getting powered by psychophysiological strength and energy, and can overpass wearness and stress.